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BC 150 In GRP

BC 150 Ex beacon – status light. This beacon is certified for use in Atex explosive atmosphere, zone 1 & 2 for gas and zone 21 & 22 for dust. It is dedicated for Oil & Gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmacy industries, marine and Offshore applications. It’s designed for corrosive environnements and hazardous area. The BC150 can also be used as status light. This beacon can be delivered with two different light sources: Led with steady, rotary, fixed or blinking led of different powers or Flashing with XENON tube of different powers (Four flashing frequencies are selectable). Built in functions: LED type possibility to pilot externally (free voltage contact) 4 différent blinking/rotating frequencies among 36, for Xenon type 4 différent blinking frequencies among 16 can be pilot externally. Optional it is possible to control the beacon via a telephone line. Housing is in GRP, the lens is in borosilicate glass.

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SPECIFICATIONS: Operating Temperature: T6 = – 40°C + 55°C , T5 = – 40°C + 60°C, T4 = – 40°C + 70°C Material: enclosure in GRP IP rating: IP66/67 Enclosure Colour: Red ,Blue, Black, others colour on customer request Lens: tempered glass colour Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, Green, Clear. Optional: lens guard in stainless steel Power Supply: 12-48V DC/AC or 100-240V AC Power Consumption: Xenon:2 Joule: 4W (Max); 5J: 10W (Max);10J: 15W (Max);15J: 20W(Max); 21J: 25W(Max); LED:5 W Standard: EN/IEC 60079-0, EN/IEC 60079-1, EN/IEC 60079-31 Marking: Ex d IIC T4~T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T135°C~T85°C, Ex II GD Certification: Nemko 13 ATEX 1561X, IECEx NEM 13.0030X Cable Entry: 4x M20 – M25**, 1/2?NPT**, 3/4?NPT** or other (specify) Other: Telephone Initiated Function Available