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AC DC LED Pilot Lights

The Ex e AC-DC LED pilot lights XLW4BV / XLW5AV are part of control and signalling units HarmAtex, they are dedicated to industries where an explosive atmosphere is present. They are suitable for demanding applications such as saline environments. They are used in an enclosure Ex e, Ex p or Ex t. Two offers: XLW4BV… metal bezel XLW5AV… plastic bezel 5 colours available white, bleu, red, green and yellow. Mounting Panel cut-out Ø 22,5 mm.

4.5 Rating

Material: Metal and plastic
IP rating: IP65 according to IEC 60529
Operating temperature: -20°C … +75°C
LED pilot light: 24 to 254 V AC/DC or 6 to 24 V AC/DC
Approval: – ATEX INERIS04ATEX9003U
Marking: II 2 GD Ex e mb IIC Gb
Ex tb IIIC Db
Connection: Screw terminals